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FamiQS, quality assurance certificate

AGOLIN’s quality management system, based on the code of practice for additive and premixture operators, responds to the EU Regulations laying down requirements for feed hygiene (Regulation no. 183/2005)  and the application of HACCP principles.

The company’s Quality System (QS) ensures product safety, the operation of businesses in accordance with European feed hygiene requirements and traceability.

Please consult the FAMI-QS web-page www.fami-qs.org to learn more about this code of practice or contact AGOLIN for more specific quality assurance information.

Download the certificate (PDF)

Organic certificates

Download the certificat EN or US (PDF)

Carbon Trust certificate

2018, Carbon Trust certifies AGOLIN RUMINANT to help reduce methane emissions in dairy and beef cattle, one of the major sources of greenhouse gas from agricultural production. Agolin was the first company to achieve this certification.
Download the certificate (PDF)

Logo Solar Impulse

World alliance

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, established by the Solar Impulse Foundation, brings together industry  involved in developing, financing or promoting products, services, processes and technologies that protect the environment in a profitable way.

In 2018, Agolin’s solution to  “reduce methane production in dairy cows and beef cattle” has received the endorsement of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions based on the assessment made by independent experts. See: